Home Zone Enrolments

Thank you for your interest in our kura. Parents and whānau who wish to enrol children at Bethlehem School will need to complete a School Enrolment Form. All students who live within the home zone in the map above and described below shall be entitled to enrol at Bethlehem School.

Parents of students who live within the home zone should enrol their child at Bethlehem School by October 18 2021 to assist the school to plan appropriately for next year.

The zone includes all residential addresses found on or within the boundary described below: From a point on the Wairoa River directly adjacent to Harrison Road, along Harrison Road to the Cambridge Road / Moffat Rd intersection, north along Cambridge Road to the Waihi Road / Cambridge Road intersection. Westward along Waihi Road to SH2, along SH2 to Mayfield Lane. Along Mayfield Lane to its conclusion, onward along the western side of Carmichael’s Drain (now Tauranga District Council reserve land) which leads out to the Tauranga Harbour stopping at its intersection with the East Coast main trunk railway. Westward along the East Coast main trunk railway line until it meets the Wairoa River, southwards and upstream along the Wairoa River to the point adjacent Harrison Lane.

Also included within the Home Zone are:
  • all residences that directly border the portions of the boundary roads mentioned above
  • all side roads off Cambridge Road between Harrison Road and Waihi Road

Our enrolment forms can be completed three ways:
  • Online: Enrolments may be completed online by going to and entering the school code 1697.
  • Download: Please use the link of the sidebar to download an Enrolment Form to scan completed forms to or return in person to the school office.
  • In Person: School Enrolment forms can be collected from our school office. 
Completed enrolment forms should be returned to the school office, including the following documents:
  • Proof of the child's or children's usual place of residence (power or phone account less than 3 months old as proof of address)
  • Either the child's birth certificate or passport
  • Immunisation certificates
​Children who have not previously been enrolled in a New Zealand school, are required to provide evidence that they are eligible to enrol (i.e parent work visa, student visa located in passport).

Out of Zone Enrolment Applications

Tēnā koutou katoa 

We appreciate your interest in our kura. Our board is inviting applications from parents and whānau who wish to enrol their child/dren at Bethlehem School for 2022. Enrolment at our school is governed by an enrolment scheme.

To make an application for one of our out-of-zone places for 2022, please complete an Out of Zone Application Form located HERE or from our school office.

There are five remaining places available for out-of-zone students next year. Four places will be in the mainstream programme at Years 1 and 2 and one place will be available in the Rumaki unit. 

The deadline for receipt of applications for out-of-zone places is Friday 17 December 2021 at 9:00am. 

If the number of out-of-zone applications exceeds the number of remaining places available, students will be selected by ballot. 

Parents and whānau will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held. 

All sections of the scheme relating to the selection of students who live outside the home zone described in the scheme are deleted and are replaced by the requirements of Section 11f of the Education Act 1989 and the instruction issued by the Secretary under 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989.

Applications for out-of-zone enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority:

First priority - will be given to students who have been accepted for enrolment in the following special programme run by the school and approved by the Secretary of Education (Level 1 total immersion Māori-Rumaki Unit) 

Bethlehem School operates an approved special programme for our Rumaki unit and expects that there will be approximately 5 places available in the programme for out-of-zone students next year. 

The maximum total roll for this special programme 60. Students within our home zone receive priority placement.

If there are more applicants for the Rumaki unit than places available, then a ballot will be conducted. Any unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list. If an applicant is placed on the waiting list for the Rumaki unit, the applicant may then wish to be considered for the mainstream classroom programme application process instead. Please indicate this on your Out of Zone Application Form. If applicants then enrol in the mainstream classroom programme, their place on the Rumaki waiting list will be forfeited. 

An applicant for the Rumaki unit must demonstrate one or more of the following criteria in order to be considered:
  • applicants are transferring from another rumaki, kura kaupapa or bilingual unit
  • applicants belong to families who have strong links our local hapu / marae
  • applicants who have had regular attendance at local Kohanga Reo
  • parents and whānau who are prepared to make a long term commitment to their children attending Maori immersion education and supporting them with their learning
All applications will processed in the following order of priority:

Second priority - given to any applicant who is the sibling of a current student of the school (Applications seeking second and third priority status may be required to give proof of a sibling relationship).

Third priority - given to any student who is the sibling of a former student of the school 

Fourth priority 
- given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school 

Fifth priority 
- given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school

Sixth priority
 - given to all other applicants

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth priority groups than there are places available, a selection within the priority group will be by ballot conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary for Education under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989.